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At Simply B we are known for our high quality long lasting cat toys filled with Our Special Blend of farm-fresh catnip.  We are proud to introduce our new Kit Nip line of toys.  Starting in the fall of 2019 our entire line of Kit Nip(TM) toys will be filled with our custom blend of euphoria inducing herbs called B Happy (TM).

Introducing our Cat Toy Gift Tins:

🐾  Happy Cat infused felted balls tin: 4 fair trade felted balls in a "magic" catnip infusing tin (as seen on BuzzFeed)

🐾 Kitty Bento Box, a complete cat party!: Kit Nip Kicker toy, felted ball, silvervine stick, catnip and catnip/silvervine pellets, 

🐾 Ravioli and Meatball gift tin: Catnip Ravioli and Fair Trade felted ball

Our Catnip Playmats(TM) are a unique way for cats to play with catnip.  We like to say that they are a way for cats to have a full body catnip experience without the mess of loose catnip on the floor.  We have been told that our Catnip Playmats(TM) can help cats who suffer from anxiety.  Some of our customers use them when traveling with their cats, or when introducing a new cat into the home.  However you choose to use them, know that they are refillable and washable.


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